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October 2, 2021

We’ve created an exemplary trading website laying core emphasis on the Website’s UI/UX delineation subsequently taking into deep consideration the Brand Identity & Clientele Marketing to enhance the stigmatization of the website.


Rebuild a unified AI enabled trading system for the trading agency, aiming at revolutionising the trading world.

  • Strategy

    Brand Identity, Clientele Marketing

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, AI Software

  • Client


Open Project


With an irreplaceable place that stocks or any sort of digital currency has acquired in our daily life helping folks generate a bit of passive income, it is achieving far more than that. It is highly inevitable that AI is the future of the fore coming generation, the combination of the AI with trading is indeed a boon to the trading sector. AI enabled trading software promises humanity for a breathtaking future opening doors for advancements in the field of trading & generating hopes for millions of full time career in trading !

Process & Making

TRADxAI initiated with an indeed brand new concept of revolutionising the trading world with AI, but coneptual excellence is incomplete without branding and user engagement, thats where Kangaroo Agency comes in! With collaborative efforts from our core team & the organisation, the website's UI/UX design was made keeping in mind the apt user flows and generating out the desired result. Delineation of the Brand Identity and Clientele Marketing made it possible to drive user engagement & thus serving the client's purpose of spreading a new concept.


Every new endeavour brings up new challenges helping us to learn & explore beyond our capabilities. This project too possessed technical errors that were vital enough not to be ignored for god sake! But as the the human race is all about making seemingly impossible things possible & so our core team worked day & nights making it a grand success. A brand new idea perishes without consumer awareness so engaging the interested customer possessed the biggest challenge. But our teamwork helped us fight the unpredictable & achieve the client's motto.

The Outcome

The human race's ultimate existence is on the fact that "Hard work Pays Off", it is the driving force that motivates all of us. Indeed, with every project we are improving & learning, but this project was far more than that. The outcome is ravishing as we got to be a part of the revolution in the trading world. The AI enabled software enhances user experience and ensures engagement with a slightly modified version of the above quote that "Hard work done smartly, pays off"!

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